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Black Mold Symptoms

Black Mold Symptoms

Toxic black mold can be dangerous. Not only is it bad for your walls, bathroom tiles, or the structure of your home, but it hazardous for your health. Rest assured, however, that A#1 Emergency Service knows how to take care of and remove your black mold problems.

Our experienced technicians receive up-to-the-minute training on mold remediation and thus know how to take care of a black mold problem.

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One of the biggest signs that a home or office building has a black mold problem is unexplained poor health in its residents. If you are experiencing one or more of the following health problems, you might have a toxic black mold problem in your home or workplace:

  • Mental and neurological symptoms: confusion, brain fog, difficulty concentrating and paying attention, disorientation, dizziness, memory loss, hallucinations, seizures, numbness, shock, anxiety, and depression.
  • Respiratory symptoms: difficulty breathing, wheezing, coughing, sore throat, burning sensation in the mouth, bleeding gums, itchy nose, runny nose, stuffy nose, nose bleeds, swelling of the lungs, and bleeding in the lungs.
  • Circulatory symptoms: low blood pressure, bone marrow disruption, hemorrhaging, vomiting up blood, heart inflammation, and irregular heartbeat.
  • Vision and eye problems: eye inflammation and soreness, red or bloodshot eyes, blurry vision, and jaundice.
  • Skin problems: crawling skin, skin inflammation, rash, blisters, itchiness, or jaundice.
  • Immune system problems: immunosuppression or recurring infections.
  • Reproductive system problems: infertility, miscarriage, impotence, and fetal development problems.
  • Tiredness and discomfort: chronic fatigue, drowsiness, weakness, abdominal pain, chest pain, muscle pain, headaches, cold or flu symptoms, fever, vomiting, diarrhea, and general discomfort.
  • Other symptoms: hair loss, weight loss, hearing loss, liver disease, coma, or even death.
  • Allergic symptoms: breathing problems, sore eyes, runny nose, itchiness, sneezing, and sore throat.

Obviously this list is intended to be informative and helpful. Please don’t let it scare you! Toxic black mold has different affects on everyone. One person might experience absolutely no symptoms while another has a severe reaction. Babies, children, the elderly, and people with weak immune systems are at a higher risk of having a reaction to toxic black mold.

The good news is that once a black mold problem is removed, most health problems should gradually decrease. However, a person who has lived with toxic black mold for an extended period of time might be more sensitive to molds in the future.

If you think you need black mold removal, call A#1 Emergency Service today for a free inspection. Our goal is to make your home or office a safe place.

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