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Capistrano Beach Mold Remediation Service

Capistrano Beach Mold Remediation Service

A#1 Emergency Service knows that mold in your home or office can cause health problems and lower the value of your property. When you live near the ocean, such as in Capistrano Beach, the moisture in the air can expedite and exacerbate the mold growth process more so than in areas that are inland. That’s why we offer a professional, two-step mold remediation process that is non-toxic, cost-effective, and relatively free of disruption in your daily life.

The mold removal process begins by sealing off the contaminated area with containment barriers. Next, air scrubbers are used to create negative pressure, which limits particulate counts during remediation. Basically, this helps keep the mold from drifting elsewhere in your home.

Any material that is unsalvageable or obviously impacted with mold is removed from the area. Material that is damaged but fixable is wiped with HEPA vacuum-assisted orbital sanding and wire brushing. Next, we complete a thorough HEPA vacuuming to remove any mold particulates or dust that might be floating around.

This agitates and removes mold spores from surrounding surface areas. Lastly, all surfaces are treated with Anasphere or X-70 Plus, providing a barrier against future mold growth on treated surfaces. A#1 Emergency Service takes these steps to ensure that any and all mold is completely gone from your home when we are finished.

If you are a builder or developer, A#1 Emergency Service’s mold prevention program is the best way to safeguard your new building against the growth and spread of mold colonies. Taking this important step will help lessen possible mold infestations for future homeowners and businesses.

To prevent mold growth, A#1 Emergency Service seals off all potential food sources for mold colonies in the building’s foundation, framework, interior drywall, and finished interior surfaces such as cabinets and flooring. Because this process is non-toxic, it is ideal for schools, public facilities, hospitals, housing developments, or any other new building or structure.

If you suspect or are aware of a mold or mildew infestation in your home or place of business, please do not ignore it. The health risks associated with mold exposure are real and can be life-threatening.

A#1 Emergency Service offers a safe, time-efficient, and affordable solution for your Capistrano Beach Water Damage or Dana Point Mold Remediation in home or office. Contact us today for information on mold inspections and detection or to set up an appointment with one of our mold experts.

Our initial evaluations are free and we can give you an estimate before we leave.

A#1 Emergency Service can be trusted to offer an immediate, long-term solution to all of your mold and mildew problems.

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