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Flooded Kitchen in Laguna Niguel

Flooded Kitchen in Laguna Niguel

Did you find yourself unprepared when that pipe suddenly burst under your kitchen sink? As the water uncontrollably starts to spill over onto the floor, you’ll reach this state of emergency: “My kitchen is flooded! What do I do?” Read below for the steps you should take when dealing with a Flooded Kitchen in Laguna Niguel! Call us now for Laguna Niguel Water Damage Restoration Services!

What To Do

When your kitchen is flooded, the first step to take is turn off the water immediately. If you have trouble shutting the water off, CALL US as soon as possible at 949-489-1929 and we’ll talk you through the steps until one of our water damage restoration technicians arrives.

It is important to move furniture and belongings from the flooded area to a dry area. Our emergency services in Laguna Beach include immediate assessment, surface drying, de-humidification and wet drywall heating & drying, but it is recommended to remove or protect cushions & wooden legs of furniture to prevent as much damage of possible. Open all cabinet doors and drawers to let air circulate and prevent humidification damage and mold damage.

Another important step is to turn off the electricity in your kitchen if you see sparks or smell gas. You can shut off the electricity from your main breaker. Play it safe! If you start to see sparks or smoke, leave the house and call the fire department. If you don’t see smoke or smell gas, then get us on the phone and one of our thoroughly trained technicians will be over to assess the damage within the hour. Our technicians are thoroughly trained and prepared to handle any restoration need, no matter the size!

Don’t wait! It only takes mold 24-48 hours to form in a moist and warm environment! We can provide flooded kitchen repair to bring your kitchen to its beautiful former self, so be sure to contact A#1 Emergency Services as soon as possible.

Flooded Kitchen Cleanup

View our Flooded Kitchen Repair services below:

  • Repainting Services
  • Wall And Floor Resurfacing
  • Replacement, Wet Drywall Detection
  • Drywall Heating And Drying
  • Old Walls Recycling
  • Old Floors Recycling
  • Mold Remediation and more!

We’re based in Dana Point and service Flooded Kitchen Repair in Laguna Niguel, Capistrano Beach, Dana Point, Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, and San Clemente!

Contact A#1 Emergency Service’s Flood Damage Experts in Laguna Niguel at 949-489-1929!.

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