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My kitchen is flooded, now what?

My kitchen is flooded, now what?

First of all, don’t panic! Second, call your local water damage restoration experts immediately! The longer you leave this issue, the worse it will get.

My kitchen is flooded, now what?

Moisture leads to mold and mold leads to health problems. Mold occurs when spores enter the home on a windy day or catch a ride on a human or pet. When the spore and moisture meet, it’s love at first sight. Add in the perfect temperature and it’s a recipe for disaster. Common types of molds that may occur include allergenic molds, pathogenic molds, and toxic molds. If the flooded room isn’t properly taken care of, the wood and walls can absorb the moisture and create any of these three mold types.

To avoid this problem, the kitchen must be drained and cleared of any water. We will check the fixtures and walls for any signs of mold build-up and general water damage. If there is significant damage from the flooding we will take the necessary precautions to make sure that no mold will appear in your home. Mold remediation is our specialty! We are skilled in emergency flood repair and can handle any situation that may occur in any Orange County home. Using our professional tools and cleaning solutions, we have taken care of homes from Aliso Viejo to Lake Forest to San Clemente.

We at A#1 Emergency Service know that this kind of problem is a major issue to the home, but we also understand how it impacts you and your family. It can be emotionally taxing to see your home in total disarray, destroyed from such an accident. When an emergency arises we will be there to assist in a timely manner and address the problem quickly and professionally. We want to make sure that your family isn’t disrupted more than necessary. Call us today!

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