Reliable Underground Plumbing Repair

Underground plumbing repair is a necessary service when you notice that your water bill goes higher despite your effort to conserve water. Leaks are also strong indicators that there is definitely something wrong with your plumbing system. While those in Orange County are lucky to be able to make use of our high-quality service.

Repairing busted underground pipes requires heavy equipment and a group of experts to carry out the task. This is because it may involve digging or replacement of underground water pipes. This is exactly what we do. A#1 will do the legwork to restore the normal functioning of your underground plumbing system.

We also have various plumbing repair approaches depending on the extent of the damage. Our trained crew will fix all your plumbing problems fast.

What is Underground Plumbing?

Underground plumbing refers to the piping system for sanitary drainage and water supply found below the grade or slope. The minimum grade for a drainage pipe is 1:50 (1/4″/ft) except when it is 3 inches larger. Building sewers that measure 4″ on the other hand, are allowed to go 1:100 (1/8″/ft).

%Professional Water Damage Repair Services %A#1In a nutshell, underground plumbing is a series of pipes and drainage buried underground. It does not save it from damages though. Even a plumbing system can suffer burst pipes and leaks causing inconveniences at home or building.

There are steps to take to make your underground plumbing more sufficient, and of course, accessible if anything were to go wrong. A popular method is pipe-freezing which isolates pipes while enabling plumbers easier access to fix them. It is also less intrusive to you as well, it means they don’t necessarily have to shut off the water supply for your home or complex.

Plumbing Repair

It is easier to fix busted water tubes in the bathroom or under the sink. You can do away with little knowledge in fixing exposed plumbing. Underground plumbing repair is a different story.

Plumbing is a tougher job to do for someone who has little to no experience. You need expert help to repair the underground plumbing pipe, so look into specialist plumbing companies, or search for them in your local area by looking up Boston plumbers for example. If you did find a specialist then they might be able to help you fix your underground sewer lines.

Our in-house plumbing experts will come to your home or building and get started at once. A#1 Emergency Service staff will locate the damage or leaks. We will identify all problem areas and determine whether your pipes need replacement. At the same time, our men will recommend preventive methods to avoid recurrence.

All plumbing work will be completed by our subsidiary A#1 Insurance Repair Specialist or some other reliable professional.

Call for a Quote

A#1 Emergency Service has been in the damage repair industry for many years now, servicing all cities in Orange County. We cater to business and residential clients. Our emergency response hotline is open 24/7. If you need urgent plumbing repair, we can be at your location within an hour.

We also work with all commercial and homeowners insurance companies to help you with paperwork. All you have to do is give us a call and we will provide a quote for underground plumbing repair and other services.

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